Thanks for Nothing – Fantasy Stars Who Failed – Week 9


By Neil Dutton, Lead Fantasy Football Writer

It’s the hope that kills you, so they say. I don’t know who “they” are, or were, but they clearly had fantasy football in mind when they coined this phrase. You set your line up every week, hoping that these highly trained (often multimillionaires) players can bring home the bacon, only for at least one of the blighters to mail it in. This article does not implore you to “watch the tape” to see why things went wrong for these specific players, it merely looks at the numbers and bemoans what might have been.

(Fantasy points are courtesy of standard scoring)

Ryan Tannehill (owned in 83.1% of leagues) 9.50 Fantasy Points

If your league awards points for hilarious safety mishaps, Tannehill is the man to own. In the likely event that they don’t however, he is one quarterback to be avoided at the moment. His last two games have seen him pass for over 300 yards both times, but throw ZERO touchdowns. The Dan Campbell honeymoon is long over in Miami, with long standing issues becoming apparent once again. Tannehill is doing nothing to lift his team, and should not really be expected to do anything to lift yours. He faces an Eagles team that allowed three passing scores to Matt Cassel last week, but the Dallas offensive line (by far superior to the Dolphins) still allowed four sacks. Tannehill could be running for his life on Sunday.

Ronnie Hillman (77.3% 0.10 Fantasy Points

It’s never too early to plan for 2016, even for fantasy owners. So with that in mind, write this down and keep it safe. DON’T TRUST THE DENVER GROUND GAME. It’s one of the worst, most inconsistent RBBC’s you could ever hope to see.

C.J. Spiller (79.7%) 1.00 Fantasy Points

Spiller posted a 16.90 fantasy outing against the Cowboys a few weeks back. In his other seven games in 2015, he has delivered 23.50 COMBINED. Even with Khiry Robinson missing, he simply isn’t producing the numbers making him worthy of even flex consideration. I think we can safely add Sean Payton to the list of coaches who failed to know how best to utilise Spiller’s talents.

Mike Wallace (69.8%) 0.40 Fantasy Points

 Since Wallace posted an 83 yard stat line against the mighty Broncos defense in Week 4, he has managed the grand total of 63 yards in his last four outings. He and Teddy combined for one catch for 4 yards against the Rams on Sunday, displaying about as much chemistry as Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman managed in Star Wars Episode II – Attack of the Clones. And that’s pretty bad. 

DeSean Jackson (71.9%) 1.50 Fantasy Points

Some would forgive DJax for his poor showing, given that it was his first action since blowing his hamstring in Week One. I am not that not forgiving. The Washington offense is not one I would place a great deal of trust in, and given Jackson’s apparent disinclination to return to the playing field I’d wait to see where he’ll be playing in 2016 before deciding if he’s worth considering as a WR3.

Charles Clay (76.1%) 0.60 Fantasy Points

 Another fast starter who seems to be slowing down. After a respectable 11.10 against the Giants back in Week 4, Clay’s last four outings have yielded just 10.10 total fantasy points. He was hampered on Sunday by the Bills reliance on both the ground game and Sammy Watkins. At present, assuming the Bills get all of their offensive pieces back together, he’s a boom or bust TE2.


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