Reasons for Optimism: Chicago Bears

In our end of season series, our writers will be looking at each franchise as they are eliminated from the playoff picture, and looking at three reasons for optimism heading into 2016. Here, Lead NFL Writer Andrew Symes looks at the future for the Chicago Bears following a 2015 season filled with highs and lows.


Read-Optional: Ten thoughts from week-16 – Manning HGH report, Packers struggles, ‘Concussion’ and more

A week filled with intrigue and controversy. From that report about Peyton Manning, to the Panthers finally falling, the possibility of Drew Brees’ last home game in New Orleans, the Jets toppling the Patriots, the release of the film ‘Concussion’ and another embarrassing display from the Packers offense. All that and more is covered in this week’s Read-Optional.

Re-Evaluating the 2015 first round

With fourteen games in the books, Oliver Connolly compares his draft night team/player evaluations to the first fourteen weeks of tape.