Grade System

UKEndZone Draft

Grade Scale

100-88 Rare Prospect: A high first round prospect. Has a rare set of athletic gifts, competitive traits and rates as a top-5 player at their position nationwide. Can takeover, dominate and win College games and should early in their pro career.

87-80 Outstanding Prospect: Player is consistent at the college level week in week out and coveted by all NFL teams regardless of position. Has the ability to make a pro-bowl early in their pro career. Blessed with special athletic abilities.

79-65 Good Prospect: Elite player on the college level who flashes moments of dominance. Has all the physical measurables to play solidly at the pro level.

64-55 Decent Prospect: Play at a high college level. Lack some of the physical abilities or intangibles. More than likely a late round pick who will fight for a pro roster spot.

How get the grade

The grade is made up of four main categories; Heigh-Weight-Speed (Athleticism), Production, Intangibles and durability. The key categories make up a portion of the overall grade but they are also supplemented by individual position traits e.g. Running Back – patience, power, balance, vision, hands, blocking, agility and competitiveness. Grades are only given after seeing, at least, four tapes of every player with at least one junior/sophomore tape.


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